Database development

We have over 16 years extensive experience developing large and small database based systems for many different organisations including:

* University & Hospital departments
* Software houses
* Charities
* Recruitment consultancies
* Sports clubs
* Small businesses

Some of the projects developed in the last few years include

Internet & Intranet based medical trial management
Encrypted patient management database tools
Web page content management systems
Bug tracking software
Staff management tools
E-commerce systems

Database technologies used depend on the size and scalability needed for the project. We tend to use mySQL for web based database projects, Oracle and/or MySQL for always on networked projects and Access for smaller projects which don't need multi-user access.
Case studies

PatientDB - Demographics tracking
For a medical trial based at St Thomas' Hospital, we developed a stand alone database system for tracking the patients involved which needed to be separate from the main database for Data Protection reasons. We were able to build a system which used strong encryption to protect the data from unauthorised access to the database data by encrypting each field item.

IssueManager - Project Management tool
A software house needed a tool to manage the bugs and tasks to be completed in a complex credit card management project. We designed and built a issue tracking tool with full user and group access control, email notification, database independence and full audit history of all changes to live issues. The system was designed so that it could run on large database systems such as Oracle or for smaller projects could be run on Access databases.

An online version of this tool is currently under development using mySQL and PHP

Trial management databases
We have designed a number of web based randomised and comparative trial management database systems for St Thomas' Hospital.

Website content management
We have developed bespoke and general Content Management Systems for many websites.